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Ethan Nevidomsky
Creative Coder

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01 Magic Mirror

Internal tech demo that allows users to generate images and filters using machine learning. Uses for speech recognition, DALLE-mini for image generation, and linear style transfer for real-time filters. Made with TouchDesigner.
August 2022


02 NFC Vending Machine + Displays 

Custom software for vending machine and displays that allowed users to interact via NFC wristbands. Installed for Shopify for an event with throughput of thousands.
June 2022


03 EyeKart

Unity racing mini-game controlled by gaze input gathered from standard webcam. Gaze detection used machine learning model built from scratch and trained on calibration sequence run before gameplay.
April 2022


04 Fractal Generator 

3D real-time fractal generator created as final project for Computer Graphics. Uses GLSL shader to render fractals, with variables passed through a javascript GUI to allow interactivity.
December 2021


05 Volumetric Capture for VR

Pipeline to enable streaming of point cloud data to groups of VR headsets. Custom-written shaders were used to add visual flare to captured actors and virtual scenery elements.
August 2021


06 Adapting DDSP for Real-Time Expressive Musical Instruments

Differentiable Digital Signal Processing (DDSP) adapted for real-time use and implemented into Audio Unit for Logic Pro.
July 2021


07 The Data Visualizations behind COVID-19 Skepticism  

Scientific paper turned into interactive data storytelling narrative to make it more easily digestible to the public. Conceptualized and implemented various sections of the narrative and worked on weaving them together.
March 2021


08 Large Interactive Laser Light-Field Installation

Playful data visualizations created for novel laser holographic display. Created in Unity to allow for interaction with viewers and dynamic scene-switching.
June 2020


09 Schoenberg in Hollywood

Custom audio routing created to enable spatial sound cues to fade from scene to scene using d&b Soundscape surround sound system.
November 2018



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